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Lite fler melodier

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Lite nya melodier

piano songs performed and arranged by Ulf Jansson and then
the whistling...probably intended for commercials (Björn has 4
kids) recorded in Ellös Orust.

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The Crab

Label: Gravitation-gra016

Björn Olssons most guitar-centric disc to date, and it means
that the melodies with which he's so marvellous seem here
seem to possess a definite rock lineage. This one's got all
kinds of hiss and hum and drop outs and grit that make his
music all the more dream-like.

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Instrumental Submerge in...
and Disappear Through
Dolores Recordings AB 1999

Recorded both indoors and outdoors at a friend's home
in Sweden's west coast archipelago. Overall it's quite
lovely and should appeal to those seeking ethereal
pleasure without the extreme abstractions of some
space music" or the blandness that is sometimes
associated with "new age.

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The Lobster

Label: Gravitation-gra020

This album is his most reflective to date, moving further and
furthe away from that very fine line he's been traversing,
that would have put him over onto the other side of kitsch.
That Olsson can add another dimension to this sort of
material, without being simply revisionist or slavishly
imitative, is quite a feat.

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The Shrimp

Label: Gravitation-gra01

Imagine the aurora borealis flickering between your speakers…
Instrumental album of arcane psychedelia and romantic. The
album opens with the startling and surreal frantic steel drum
fusion of "Schweinfest", The second version filtered through
Olsson's mini cassette-recorder, which gives the music a
strange and warm, appealing quality

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The Crayfish

Label: Gravitation-gra014

Traditional Nordic folkmusik Plus more whistling than
you’ve heard on any other album this year! This is
Olsson at his most hi-fi epic in the most cinematic sense
of the word. Seafood series #2

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Label: Gravitation

Tasty atmospheric instrumentals seafood music The title track is
almost anthemic, and offers hints of "Telstar" by the Tornadoes,
but with humming and whistling instead of the organ lead

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